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Calling all Unicorn Lovers!


New class out now!!!




Would you be interested in a completely unicorn themed chocolate creation class??????


Our trainers have put together a 90 minute unicorn utopia, helping you to create your own magical and unique 3D and solid chocolate unicorns...



Do you Love Unicorns?????

This is the perfect class for the love of Unicorns!!!

Bring the magic to life in this unique class all about matching chocolate with the creativity and spirit of unicorns.

You will be using a rainbow of chocolate colours as well as white, milk and dark chocolate to create a range of unicorns of all shapes and sizes.

Everything is fully supplied in this class so all you need is your creativity and your sense of fun.

People of all ages are welcome - however anyone under the age of 16 will need to attend with a guardian.



!!! NEW CLASS !!!

Teddy Bears Picnic Family Session

Looking for something fun for your family to do these school holidays?  How about 2 hours of chocolate fun building a teddy bears picnic scene together.


For only $89 you can attend as an individual and build your own creation or you can bring the family and share the fun building it.


Each booking is a table reservation and can be for up to 5 people on this one table.  Each table will be allocated with a set number of moulds and a pre-measured amount of milk, white and coloured chocolate to create and complete their design with (that is if you don't eat it all in the process of creating)

This is fun for all age groups.



Truffle Making for Beginners


2 hours of Basic Truffle Making fun - $79 including GST


This is a fun and indulgent short session on how to make delicious truffles using Cadbury and Nestle chocolate without any need for tempering. Making this easy for you to replicate at home.
This hands on session will teach you how to create a soft center (each person can create up to 2 flavors) plus techniques for rolling and coating to create approx 20-25 truffles to take home.
We also include techniques for piping extra chocolate over the top to decorate them in your own unique way.
Everything you make in this session you get to take home with you - that is if you don't eat them all first!
Open to all ages however if you are under 16 years of age you will need to attend with a parent.

Basic Chocolate Making


2 hours - $79 including GST


A course designed to kick start your chocolate making fun for any occasion. 
Learn how to make a range of chocolates including solid pieces, filled items and two ways of creating a 3D chocolate. 
You will also be using coloured chocolate to decorate each item with your own unique designs.
Everything you need for this class is fully supplied including the aprons and gift bags because everything you make you keep!

Moulded Belgian Chocolate Making


2 hours - $99 including GST


Learn the art of making Belgian moulded chocolates with imported Belgian Chocolate and fillings.
You will be informed about melting and tempering curvature chocolate before using it to create your own Belgian Moulded chocolates. 
You will learn the skill of moulding, making a ganache, filling the moulds with the ganache and closing the chocolates.

Of course you can take home your creations to show of to your friends and family that is if you don't eat them all first...
No previous knowledge is required.
Having fun with chocolate and indulging yourself are the features of this course!

Chocolate with Style


Design your own Chocolate High Heel @ $79 per person


Bring to life your own style by designing your own Chocolate High Heel Shoe.


This 2 hour class will have you hands on creating a large 3D hollow chocolate high heel shoe and some smaller ones to go with it.  You will learn how to pipe with chocolate, use a variety of colours and decorating techniques to really bring your own creation to life!


Everything is supplied in this session so all you need to bring is yourself and your creativity.


Open to people of all ages and no prior knowledge is required.







Handbag Indulgence.....


Time to indulge the love of style and chocolate!


With our newest class you will learn how to make your very own chocolate handbag along with some beauty accessories that every woman will envy!  You even get to choose from white, milk or dark chocolate to make your creations.


This 2 hour session is a lot of fun for any age and you do not need any prior knowledge of chocolate to attend. (anyone under 16 years old needs to attend with an adult)


We provide everything for you including the aprons so you only need to bring yourself and if attending when the weather it is hot please an insulated cooler bag to take home your delicious masterpiece so it doesn’t melt on the journey home.


We look forward to seeing you in this amazingly yummy new class.



School Holiday Special

2 hours of Chocolate Making fun - $59 including GST


Lost for something to do over the holidays with your kids!  Why not have some fun and learn how to make chocolates at the same time....
In this session you will be able to make chocolate lollypops and a range of novelty chocolates. 
Children under 16 years need to attend with an Adult (free of charge if assisting the child or $59 if they want to participate also)
Everything you make you keep so bring a big bag with you!


Gourmet Gift Box Delights!


2hrs for $99


Ever wanted to create your own gift boxes full of indulgent chocolate delights.... we now have a class to show you how!


This 2 hour session is crammed full of creative chocolate goodness.  Throughout this session you will be able to use fine quality courverture chocolate with a range of nuts and confections to create a range of indulgent gifts.  


Once all of your items have been completed you will then have the opportunity to create your very own Gourmet gift box to take home and show off.


Please note that tempering the courverture chocolate is not covered in this session.  





Belgian Chocolate Truffle Making

2 hours - $99 including GST


This session brings you to a whole new level of truffle heaven. One of our most indulgent classes!
Learn how to temper chocolate and make Belgian chocolate truffles from imported Belgian chocolate and ingredients.  
This indulgent session is sure to please! 
Plus you will go home with mountains of truffles to share with your family or keep for yourself.... 
No prior knowledge needed.

Belgian Dipped Chocolates 




This is a class that your taste buds will beg you to attend.  We use the finest Belgian o flavored chocolate to create 2 soft and creamy centers that are then hand cut and individually dipped into more Belgian chocolate to create these hand crafted chocolates.


Plus we will show you a number of ways to decorate the chocolates after dipping to add even more temptation for your senses!

The tempering process of chocolate is also included in this class.


Everything you make in this class you keep so please bring along a container to put them all in.... that is if you don't eat them all in class first!








A perfect course for the chocolate and nut lover.  


Using Australian almonds paired with smooth Belgian milk chocolate we guide you through the creation of praline centered chocolates and delectable almond clusters.


You will learn how to create a praline mix from scratch before combining this with premium chocolate to create a delicious filling.  You will also learn how to prepare and form the chocolate cavities before filling with them with the praline and capping them with extra chocolate.


Extra praline and almonds will also be turned into the most indulgent nut clusters during this class.


Every chocolate you make you take home with you to show off to friends and family - if you don't eat them all on the car ride home.....


This indulgent hands on class is not to be missed.  


PLEASE NOTE :  We will be using pre-tempered chocolate for this class.  To learn tempering please join in on the Belgian Truffle Class.  





28cm Christmas Tree - Season special


Design your own 28cm upright Christmas Tree for only $79 per person.


This will make a great addition to the centre of your Christmas table and it's edible!


This 2 hour class will have you hands on creating a large 28ch tall Christmas Tree and soft centred filled chocolates to sit underneath it. 


You have the choice from milk, dark or white chocolate to create your tree. Plus with the use of edible paints, decorations, coloured chocolate and your imagination you have all you need to create your own unique and special design.


Everything is supplied in this session including the aprons so all you need to bring is yourself and your creativity.


Open to people of all ages and no prior knowledge is required.


Everything you make you keep to take home and enjoy!


Moulds and other supplies can be purchased after the class if you wish to continue the chocolate fun at home.







This class sold out in every year since 2012 so be fast to book this year!


Limited dates available


Fun for the whole family!


$99 1 person, $109 for 2 people,

$119 for 3 people, $129 for 4 people.



Bring the whole family along to this class or a group of friends.


Learn how to make your own chocolate Christmas house to take home and place on your Christmas Table (that is if you don't eat it first)


You will be moulding and building a full house (approx 18cm x 18cm x 16cm)and then decorating it by using your Christmas imagination to create a range of items that includes - Father Christmas, Mother Christmas, Christmas trees, sleighs, snowmen, angels and other chocolate Christmas characters.




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