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South Australia Coffee Academy

(08) 8231 7444


Carolines Sugar-Art Services

(08) 8377 0340

Roberts Confectionary Supplies

(03) 9569 6638


Ace Craft Moulds

(08) 82421357


Bottega Rotolo

(08) 8362 0455



Chocolate Making Supplies:



  • All orders can be picked up from our office by phoning us on (08) 7120 2664 and booking a time between 9.30am and 2.30pm Monday to Friday if placed no less than 24 hours prior.


  • Orders can be posted out to you but please note that some items can become heat effected on warm to hot days.  We take no liability for any items affected by the weather in the postal process.  This will be an additional charge to you.